Bibam Group’s business unit providing services for the organization and integral development of corporate events.

Including creative and disruptive initiatives as well as content management, HR and Marketing & Communications events are developed both in Argentina and internationally.


How we work

We develop a creative idea for each event following a specific communications axis, with a strategic message and goal.

We tailor contents to create a strong and emotional bond with attendees, ensuring the delivery of impressive, thrilling events.

Our management is based on current norms and regulations in order to avoid unexpected situations. Should setbacks occur, we can provide immediate, customized solutions for each situation based on our +20-year experience in the market.

Above all, responsibility and unpredictable, daring, different, professional proposals set us apart. We are casual, fun, nice people.

Who do we work with

Our Experience in Events

  • HR Events

  • Marketing & Communications Events

Your event, wherever you want!




  • 605 de Mayo Ave. – 7th floor
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 3345 Chiclana Ave, C1260ACA CABA, Argentina
    54 911 56739925

Organization and integral
development of corporate events